Technical Direction

Our technical direction expertise will ensure your

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Technical Direction

A technical director is an important aspect of any live show, event or product launch. Solace Productions offers highly experienced Technical Directors to support any live event. We collaborate with the facilitation of providing equipment, operation of technical resources and assist in liaising between client, venue and all technical areas. We also plan the best technical strategies that meet the clients production requirements for any event.

Our Technical Direction services extend to our visual support where we can help you engage your audience through custom made mediums such as interactive video, creative graphics and effective audio soundtracks to suit your theme or event, as well as ensuring that all the mediums utilised run smoothly on the day or through-out the entire tour.

We ensure that all technical aspects of each show are planned, set up, and tested before rehearsals are scheduled and that all technical requirements regarding safety are addressed. We co-ordinate all sound, lighting, vision and camera feeds and direct the operators and backstage crew to ensure your show runs professionally and seamlessly.

Having worked with live productions for many years, our experience provides expert support prior, during and after every production in a highly professional manner.

Our Services

  • Event Planning

    Ensure all technical aspects of your event are thoroughly planned and documented to create a seamless and successful event.

  • Visual Support

    Utilise our pre-production facilities and engage your audience with an interactive program that will make your event memorable.

  • Equipment Hire

    We look after the booking and hire and of all audio, video and lighting equipment to ensure you have all the right tools for the job


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